How our technology works:

Our exclusive Microbe Shield technology uses a mechanical and enzymatic approach, eliminating the use for harmful cleaners and poisons. Fresh Start acts as a surface primer and disinfectant by killing 99.9% of bacteria, germs, mold, mildew, and viruses. Once the surface is free from these harmful microbes, the surface is treated with XMicrobe to create a long-lasting surface protectant using a mechanical non-toxic process that physically disrupts the microbe cell wall. These are Hypergreen solutions that, in use, are safe for children, adults, and pets. Each product can be used as a standalone, but use in conjunction with one another for the best and longest-lasting microbe free protection.

How Xmicrobe works:
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With it’s silane backbone, the cured anti-microbial polymer becomes an integral part of any surface to which it is applied.

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First, the lipoprotein and negatively charged cell membrane are attracted to the positively charged treated surface and punctured by the long molecular chain.

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Second, the microorganism is "electrocuted." Since the technology is not consumed when destroying the organism, it stands ready to fight again.

Application of Microbe Shield® Technology: